Financial Assistance for All Cancer Patients

This service will provide financial assistance to cancer patients who are in great financial need to help with co-pays, private care providers, rent, mortgage, transportation, etc., so they may live independently.

  • Donations will come from corporations, hospitals, retail, grants, fundraisers, etc.
  • Patient must provide proof of income, i.e., social security disability, social security retirement, social security income (SSI), public assistance award letter, private income.
  • If patient is behind in rent, they must show proof and a notarized letter from landlord
  • The maximum amount given for rent will be $5,000. If the patient owns a home, the maximum amount for mortgage is $8,000.00.
  • If a patient cannot afford to pay their medical copay for chemotherapy, the maximum financial grant will be $500.00. For example:  if a patient has 10 treatments and the copay is $50.00 per chemo treatment, they will receive a maximum of $500.00.
  • The patient can only request this service once a year.