Life Insurance and Legacy Planning for All Cancer Patients

The PYCA-I Am You, Inc. collaborates with My Family Insured Agency to provide life insurance to all cancer patients and all survivors who have no insurance and/or are low income, to be used for funerals and burials. A session will be held to educate the cancer/survivors on what type of insurance is available, what is the premium cost, and how much insurance coverage the cancer patient/survivor would like to purchase. Sessions will be held on a monthly basis.

  • Low income as defined by the US Department of Health & Human Services poverty guidelines is $16,240.00 per year for a family household size of 0-2, and the maximum is $41,320.00 for a family of 8. For each additional person in the household, $4,180.00 is added.
  • The minimum coverage for Insurance policies is $10,000 whole life insurance. The maximum coverage is $100,000.00 whole life insurance.
  • A patient chooses burial costs based on the amount of the life insurance that they have purchased. If burial costs are more than the insurance policy covers, then the family has to pick up the difference.

Legal Rights for All Cancer Patients

Educates patients on their legal rights and options (living wills, illegal terminations, etc…).

  • The PY Inc. will be collaborating with Pro Bono Partnership. This service is volunteer attorneys that help strengthen nonprofit organizations and our community.
  • Pro Bono Partnership will guide the cancer patient on any issues below, and will be giving more services.
  • Cancer patients can avail themselves of these services for as long as needed
  • Living wills
  • Wills
  • Employment/labor laws
  • Trust and estates
  • Taxes
  • Bankruptcy
  • Immigration
  • Real estate

Financial Assistance for All Cancer Patients

This service will provide financial assistance to cancer patients who are in great financial need to help with co-pays, private care providers, rent, mortgage, transportation, etc., so they may live independently.

  • Donations will come from corporations, hospitals, retail, grants, fundraisers, etc.
  • Patient must provide proof of income, i.e., social security disability, social security retirement, social security income (SSI), public assistance award letter, private income.
  • If patient is behind in rent, they must show proof and a notarized letter from landlord
  • The maximum amount given for rent will be $5,000. If the patient owns a home, the maximum amount for mortgage is $8,000.00.
  • If a patient cannot afford to pay their medical copay for chemotherapy, the maximum financial grant will be $500.00. For example:  if a patient has 10 treatments and the copay is $50.00 per chemo treatment, they will receive a maximum of $500.00.
  • The patient can only request this service once a year.

Transportation Assistance

Refer patients to specific transportation services which will provide the help needed to and from their appointments.