Cheryl K. Young

Cheryl K. Young is a three-time cancer survivor (two-time lung and breast). She comes from a family with an extensive history of cancer on both sides. In April of 2005, she was diagnosed with lung cancer, which was followed with a diagnosis of breast cancer 18 months later. In late 2012, she was informed by her doctors that she needed to have a radical hysterectomy via Da Vinci robotic surgery to prevent the very high risk of developing ovarian cancer. In January of 2013, an area of concern by doctors turned out to be a second instance of lung cancer, on her only remaining lung. She fought, and she continues to fight everyday.

Young has served in dozens of volunteer positions to continue the battle against cancer – she regularly participates on the committee for the Relay for Life of Newark; she serves as the Community Champion Survivor and Caregivers Advisor for the American Cancer Society, and she serves as a Lead Patient/Navigator/Cancer Resource Volunteer for American Cancer Society at Clara Maass Hospital in Essex County, NJ. She serves as a leader for Relay for Life of Newark and as a Spokesperson for Strive For Breast Cancer, Newark, NJ with Channel 7 Eyewitness News and anchorperson Anthony Johnson.

She also has volunteered as a mentor for the Cancer Hope Network, which works with people who have received a cancer diagnosis of lung and/or breast cancer throughout the U.S. and internationally. Today, she is a part of a documentary film called Mortal, representing people of color battling cancer, as well as all cancer patients that are battling cancer.

A note from our founder
You are not alone in this battle. We at PYCA are here to give you hope and wisdom. We inspire each other. I fight this fight for myself and others struggling to eradicate this disease. As long as God gives me strength and breath in my body, I will continue this work that gives me joy and peace. I pray that this will be my legacy because this keeps my heart pumping and keeps me alive.