In early 2015, Cheryl K. Young collaborated with a team of doctors, nurses, administrators, policy developers  to establish The Preston Young Cancers Awareness – I AM YOU. Inc. She met with community program organizers, existing cancer researchers, and patients-in-need to provide love and strength to those healing while learning what gaps needed to be filled in the world of battling cancer.

Though the struggle was constant, Cheryl persevered and learned through the process. Though her faith gave her the will to live, she often wished that someone existed to provide her support and on whom she could lean for help. The process of navigating bills, treatments, physical weakness, and the rest of life was overwhelming.

Cheryl defines her faith as being a belief in something bigger than herself, a knowledge that a plan exists for her life that gives her the motivation to continue. She says, “I don’t need all the answers. My path may not always be clear, but I can enjoy the journey. With God, all things are possible.”

As a volunteer, I hear firsthand stories of patients who are receiving cancer treatments and are losing their homes, not having the ability to afford their medications, becoming homeless and/or choosing between medications and food. I want to be able to help these patients by becoming a resource through the Preston Young Cancers Awareness – I AM YOU, Inc. my non-profit organization named after my father. This is for him.