Cleansing the Body

The PY Inc. will be collaborating with Better Life Starts Now to provide specific services for patients who have undergone chemotherapy and are in need of detoxification.

  • Better Life Starts Now offers TeDivina Detox Tea which provides the following benefits:
    • Cleans out the waste in your Digestive tract.
    • Reduce pain and Inflammation.
    • Boost your immune system & helps combats chronic disease.
    • Rids the body of heavy metals & toxins.
    • Detoxifies the liver.
    • Increases energy and helps you to sleep better.
    • Protect against food toxicity.
    • Removes intestinal sludge.
    • Prevent cardiovascular disease.
    • Prevent high blood pressure.
  • The price for a one month’s supply of TeDivina Detox Tea is $60.00
  • Four teabags of TeDivina Detox, equivalent to one gallon per teabag, lasts one month.